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Things we should not tell our children

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Sometimes in order to educate our children we can make mistakes that we ourselves can notice, although our intention is good the truth is that some phrases that we let in those moments of anger can be somewhat detrimental to our children, eventually they begin to feel the effects, keep in mind that our children imitate things they see, even more so if they come from your own family.

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Before reaching mistakes must be cold consciousness and know very well the things that lead, because often it can be worse, for example if we apply the theory of reverse psychology, many times who has not touched her face moments we ask uncomfortable when something is not done and it turns out if you do, then, what sense does it say things simply by anger and not premeditated reasoning?

Therefore, we can understand better we will list only some examples of how it can affect some phrases that tell our children.

Several threats

If you misbehave, I will give you the … With you misbehave you accuse your father, etc.

Catchphrases of parents are heard when we see our child already shows signs of doing something we do not like, we consider this sentence if he can achieve his goal all it does is impose on our children with conditions that are not appropriate, we must ask something, do you want to get your children to do something right because it is common sense to do right? Or why they have threatened?

This phrase eventually leads the child to a habit to have things at all costs, without having to earn it, for the simple fact that you learn something like this for parents will be sufficient incentive for this also can implement this kind of reactions. You can also become traumatic for children to know that someone we fear him for fear and not respect the father for example there.

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If you’re good I’ll buy…

It is said to know encourage our children based awards for its achievements, is a good way to increase their desire for self – improvement, however, excessive or unnecessary for this use can be contradictory to the formation of our children, because we must bear in mind that the right thing is some things have to be done because they are good, not because of getting something in return.

Saber guide and prepare our children, it is obvious that it is not an easy task, but if we dedicate ourselves to have to do things by simple custom and habit and not a task that we must remember and make it as an imposition, you can get to help a lot more than what we believe, still children who come to overcome limits of tolerance, where sometimes we have to turn to professionals in education and psychology to handle the situation in a more appropriate manner.

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