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How to strengthen the immune system in children

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With the arrival of winter, cold, cough and flu are the main enemies of the children. For this it is necessary to strengthen the immune system in order to avoid the most common ailments.

How can you increase the immune system? Simple, the market you can find many useful supplements because of the strengthening of the immune system of children. Today we give you some tips for everyday life and to be able to choose the right supplement for your baby!

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Increase the immune system with healthy lifestyle

We have always said that the power plays an important role every day, to improve the well-being of our body and strengthen our defenses. Also and especially for the children it is important that they have a healthy balanced diet, rich in vitamins food and minerals : fruits, vegetables should never be lacking in their diet.

The vitamin C has the essential properties to strengthen their defenses: kiwi, potatoes and citrus fruits are laden foods in this vitamin, so it’s good to include them in the diet.

Not only nutrition affects the body’s natural defenses. Teach your child to wash their hands properly and always, because poor hygiene increases the chances of suffering infections.

The sleep is another decisive factor in strengthening the immune system of children: in fact, the smallest (as adults) need a stable amount of sleep and adjust to keep your immune system in shape and never falling.

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Supplements to strengthen the immune system

To better face the cold season, we recommend using the specific supplements to boost the immune system of children.

Fluoff is a dietary supplement indicated for their children, which is characterized by the taste of apricot and so very tasty. This supplement is useful in the case where the diet is low in zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. With Fluoff are strengthened immune defenses and counteracted the effects of free radicals.

Bimbi Puraflor is another dietary supplement suitable for children under 12 years: its peculiarity lies in balancing the intestinal flora as well as improve the immune system. The intestine is very important because in addition to the digestion and assimilation of nutrients, it is useful to the proper functioning of the immune system.

If you want a completely natural product, suitable for the natural defenses of children (and even adults) ImmunoMix is right for you. Based on Echinacea and elderberry concentrate, the ImmunoMix syrup is very common among those who want to make use of natural products, maintaining excellent benefits. The Echinacea is an herb North America, famous worldwide for its immune system boosting properties. Moreover, this herb has immune-stimulating properties, and stimulates the proper production of the immune system and is very effective against colds, having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

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