12 reasons why children benefit from playing rugby

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If your child says he or she wants to play rugby or is about to start playing in high school, you might have worries whether it is safe or good for them. You can have peace of mind that children involved in rugby benefit from a variety of social, mental and physical skills that will stay with them for life. Here are some compelling reasons why children should play rugby:

  1. Good for physical health

This is the first clear benefit. There are many health benefits to be had from playing this sport. This includes aerobic exercise and good strength building for everyone, including children.

  1. Develop social skills

Every child will benefit from the opportunity to develop their social skills, teamwork, collaboration and communication. This is a life skill and rugby covers aspects of all.

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  1. Learn to lose

Sometimes in life, we don’t succeed and it’s a good lesson to learn from an early age. It builds character and is a useful thing to experience before adulthood. To be able to overcome loss, accept it, overcome it and know where to improve is an important life skill.

  1. Learn to win

On the other side of point 3, learning to win is also important. It feels great, increases self-esteem, encourages bonding with others and shows that when following efforts, a gift is possible.

  1. Equality

Rugby is unique in team sports because all players get the same opportunity to run, pass, defend and score.

  1. Build self-confidence

Playing sports regularly helps to increase your child’s self-esteem and self-esteem. Having a gradual goal to work towards and perfect new skills is an achievement that your child will feel proud of. To help perfect your skills, Rugby Training Drills are available from Sportplan.

  1. Life lessons

Every regular sports activity can teach children skills that can be transferred to other aspects of life. Rugby provides more than teamwork and lifelong effort lessons. The rigours of rugby foster a tougher, stronger and more just outlook on this important life lesson.

  1. Role Models

Whether it is a famous player, a great coach or an older team member, rugby can provide many great positive examples for your children to see and learn. Many children also make very good friendships with their teammates.

  1. Classroom success

Sport has been shown to increase children’s academic success. Those who played at least one sport got better grades in a study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine.

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  1. Security

This might be your biggest concern because the players don’t wear pads and it is a contact sport. However, safety is a big part of rugby culture and is obeyed by everyone.

  1. Respect

Rugby is a very respectable game. Even if a player disagrees with the referee’s decision, he or she will still follow their instructions.

  1. Reduces stress

Physical activity releases endorphins which act as mood enhancers and natural painkillers. It reduces feelings of stress and encourages healthy sleep.

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