Maria cookie cake: Easy recipe without oven

Maria cookie
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It is possible that the biscuit Mary is one of the most famous in the world, since it was invented in England in the nineteenth century became popular in many countries. I like their role in preparing traditional desserts, those homemade that give us back a little childhood. This cake of cookies Maria is very typical and a delicious variant to our typical cake of the compliments.

A variant also known in the neighboring country uses coffee to dip the cookies, but I prefer to use milk flavored with vanilla in case some diner is not very friendly to the taste of the mocha. Since Maria cookies are round, the final aspect of this cake is a flower that is very colorful when it comes to serving. You should try to let it cool for a few hours in the refrigerator to make the cream harden and taste much better.

Maria cookie

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  • 2 packets of baby biscuits, 200 g of unsalted butter at room temperature, 200 g of icing sugar, 2 egg yolks at room temperature (can be pasteurized as they are raw), 250 ml milk, 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla essence, 1 vanilla pod or 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar.

How to Make Chocolate Chip Cake

Heat milk over low heat with half-vanilla pod open. Let it infuse, strain and cool. Or simply mix the cold milk with the vanilla sugar. Arrange the chopped butter, at room temperature, in a medium bowl. Beat with a blender until it leaves a creamy and smooth texture.

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Gradually add the glacé sugar, while still beating, stirring occasionally with a tongue to achieve a uniform texture. Add the two egg yolks and the vanilla essence, and beat a little more at low speed until it has a creamy, homogeneous consistency and no lumps.

Maria cookie

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Dip a biscuit Mary in the cooled milk, drain and arrange in the middle of a fountain, tray or where we go to serve the cake. Repeat with 6 more cookies to distribute around them, forming a flower base of cookies. They do not have to be very wet. Lightly grease each cookie with the cream, evenly dividing it.

Repeat the operation until you have about 5 floors of cookies and cream. Finish covering the whole surface and sides evenly, trying to leave it smooth with the aid of a spatula of baking. Grind a few Mary cookies and spread over the top. Allow to cool in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour, better two or three.

Processing Time | 40 minutes plus chilled

Difficulty | Easy


The biscuit cake Maria is a temptation that will taste big and small, in portions controlled because I think it is quite forceful. You can vary the flavors by changing the aromas of cream and milk, or using coffee as I have already mentioned. It is very easy to prepare and we can ask the children to help us assemble it.

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