Big Busted Beauties

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Having big breasts can sometimes feel like a blessing and at other times, a curse! Uncomfortable bras, backache and never knowing what to wear are just a few of the disadvantages but for celebrities – they can be their greatest asset! Here we take a look at some famous ladies who know how to work their ample frontage.

Salma Hayek

The Mexican actress is looking incredible at fifty and is one of Hollywood’s curvy beauties. It remains unclear whether Salma has had augmentation surgery in the past but when you look that good – who cares? She has appeared in such blockbusters as Desperado, Dogma and Tale of Tales.

Kelly Brook

The lovely home-grown Kelly Brook is an example of natural luck when it comes to curves and big boobs. She is mostly known for TV presenting in the UK but has starred in the Hollywood movie, Piranha 3D and an NBC show that didn’t last very long. Well, we can’t have it all now can we?

Katy Perry

The hugely popular pop star doesn’t have the world’s biggest boobs but she certainly knows how to dress them. She loves to show them off and when they look that good, why not? Apparently, she also has great legs too so we’re starting to like her less and less. Oh, and sexy feet too!

Pamela Anderson

No list of big boobed babes would be complete with a nod to the original beach blonde bombshell, Pamela Anderson. Reportedly, our Pam has had augmentation and reduction surgery but currently claims to be a 34DD. She still looks amazing and literally bursting out of everything she wears!


She has curves in all the right places! This incredibly beautiful and talented lady carries off her 32C chest perfectly in those bodycon dresses. Again, 32C is not that big but when you accentuate the shape with certain clothing styles, attention is most definitely drawn to them! Find out more about a great bra for bigger busts –  the white prima donna deauville bra

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Kim Kardashian

While we’re more used to seeing the back end of Kim, the front is pretty curvaceous as well. By choosing outfits that accentuate both her rear and her chest, Kim has become world-famous for her womanly wiles.

Katie Price

Of course, our very own Katie must make this list. Her boobs have been reduced in size but in the early days of her career were a staggering 32G. The model and reality TV star must have been suffering with backache, lugging those around with her. A sensible choice for a devoted and busy mother these days.

Christina Hendricks

This buxom beauty is the very fair-skinned redhead who appeared in the series of Mad Men. She is extremely busty, very feisty and has been voted the most beautiful woman in America by Esquire magazine. She is definitely flying the flag for all voluptuous women of the world and is the perfect example of curvy sexiness which is a breath of fresh air in a media world obsessed with skinny.

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Marilyn Monroe

No longer with us but had to be included in this list as the ultimate Blonde Bombshell and sex symbol. She became a star after beginning her career as a model and appeared in movies such as Some Like It Hot and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She paved the way for curvy appeal and is an icon of female beauty.

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