The History of Jeans How they Evolved

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Today denim jeans are one of our wardrobe essentials – always in fashion and one of those items that we can put with many different outfits, jeans like these ETO denim stretch jeans from EJ Menswear are a popular choice for men.

But did you know that jeans were first invented in Paris, and then a man called Levi Strauss opened a shop in San Francisco in the 19th Century – this coincided with the California gold rush, and blue jeans quickly became a part of the American look, due to their hardwearing qualities and durability.

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Back then, there wasn’t so much choice as we have now – throughout the years as denim has become much more popular, many different types have been created to suit the newer styles and fashions. Here are a few different types of denim…

Crushed Denim – This is a type of denim that is treated to give it a creased appearance. By weaving the fabric with a twisted weft yarn, it is then washed to shrink it and then the wrinkled look is permanently in the fabric.

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Indigo Denim – This is the classic denim that we all know – it is the way that the first jeans were made and remains popular today. The warp threads are dyed indigo, whereas the weft remains white.

Acid Wash Denim – This is a popular look that is seen a lot on the catwalks at the moment. The denim is treated with a chlorine and then a pumice stone is used to give it the distinctive look.

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