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Is laminate flooring suitable for stairs?

You are choosing flooring for your home, which is arranged on several levels; of course, the stairs will also need some kind of covering. When choosing flooring for this area, it is a good idea to think about functionality in addition to appearance.

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High traffic areas

Stairs can be a major design feature in your home. If you are revamping your stairs and need some inspiration, an article in the Telegraph features some great examples.

Stairs can receive a real pounding, so it is good to choose a material that is really durable. Laminate ticks this box, as it is very hard wearing; however, sometimes it can be a little slippery. Carpet, of course, is not slippery, but it can wear badly.

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The right surface for the job

Luckily many kinds of laminate are available. A textured laminate is the solution here, as its rougher texture will make sure no one has problems navigating the stairs, whether they are old, young, or carrying heavy objects.

If you are interested in learning more about laminate flooring, have a look at what specialists such as have to offer.

Once you have found the right kind of laminate for your stairs, you will need to make sure it is installed properly, with a smooth finish. In addition to the tread pieces on the top of the step, you will need risers and stair nosing – the corner pieces that fit on the front edges of the stairs.

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