Try these 10 Scandinavian interior trends

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Typically minimal and functional, Scandinavian style has been creating waves since it began early in the 20th century. Today, Nordic nations are still coming out with influential new design ideas. Here are some up-to-the-minute Scandinavian interior trends to copy.

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1 Decorative storage

In keeping with the functionality of Scandinavian design, aesthetic storage pieces are key. Shelves and baskets become works of art. From kitchen organisers to storage racks, virtually all aspects of the home can be chic as well as practical.

2 Garment rack

A metal garment rack with three legs unites both function and form. Its sturdy design embraces smooth curves as well as sharp angles, and it is practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

3 Shoe rack

Perfect for a hallway, a shoe rack made out of metal and whitewashed wood has a slender silhouette. It suits both large and small spaces.

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4 Cosy and warm textiles

Mohair, wool and sheepskin throws are accent pieces bringing texture into the house. Choose shades of grey and natural textures such as burlap or jute, or opt for muted hues like light purple.
5 Tiles

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6 Knitted tweed

Get a soft, cosy feel with a knitted tweed throw that has diamond designs, made out of microfiber polyester.

7 Large plants

Scandinavian design is quite colourless. But if you want a pop of colour while maintaining the aesthetic, choose a big house plant. They bring an arboreal, earthy element to the existing natural look.

Some more current Scandinavian design trends are described here:

8 Bold accents

Scandinavians favour blue accents which contrast boldly with white walls. Vibrant against the Nordic monochrome, blue is a go-to shade. The colourful Copenhagen home of designer Josefine Bentzen epitomises this look.

9 Kashkuli rug

Featuring nature motifs, this blue rug with cream leaf-shape highlights embodies Scandi style while maintaining a modern look.

10 Worn leather

Leather-backed wooden chairs like those from Swedish stylist Lotta Agaton are rustic while not looking dated, and look good with sheepskin blankets tossed over them. This is a Swedish take on the American mid-century modern look.

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