Unique Ways to Show Off Family Photos

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When it comes to family photos, they can make a warm and touching addition to your décor. How to display them can be tricky. Some people hang too many, whereas other homes display no family images. What you’re seeking is the perfect middle ground. A subtle and classy collection of favourite family photos presented in a stylish, understated fashion.

Consider Backgrounds

Most of us think our framed images must be placed centre front, but why not consider placing them as backdrop on your favourite furniture. A bookcase can be transformed into a stunning display of family history whilst serving as a functional piece of furniture at the same time.

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Don’t Hang

A unique look is to ditch the wall-hanging and place framed pictures around the room at eye-level in unconventional spots. This encourages people to pick the photo up and engage with it, rather than it being a static image up on a wall somewhere.

Keep it simple

Choose only a few of your absolute favourite photos of your children to hang around the house or it can become a little overwhelming. Keep the rest in an easily accessible photo album. Simple photos in a frame that matches the palette of that room’s décor and you’ll have an artistic display without overdoing it.

Turn photos into accessories

Turn your favourite photos into pieces of furniture. A rustic and unique look is to have your images printed onto wood, which can then be placed as an ornamental display as opposed to simply hanging a picture. If you like to see your photos often, think about having them printed on other accessories, such as cushion covers, coasters or even Lap Trays. For a range of personalised and customisable trays, visit https://personalisedlaptrays.co.uk/collections/lap-trays

Create a mood board

You don’t have to display each photo individually. Why not create a fun mood board? Get the family together, choose your favourite images from past and present and make a fun homage to your family. This is a great idea for any room, but works well in studies, kitchens and even in the kids’ rooms.

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Go Large

If you have one particular photo that you adore, turn it into a work of art by making it massive. If the image is arty and stunning, turning it into a large statement piece over a fireplace for example, creates an interesting talking point and can really set the atmosphere of a room. It’s a bold move, so make sure it’s the right photo to carry off such a grand plan.

Black & White

Nothing says classy like traditional images displayed in black and white. Think about hanging nine black and white canvas prints in a neat symmetrical grid for maximum impact and a real touch of elegance.

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