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Healthier foods with the right cooking method

Healthier foods
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Familiar with the reaction to choose the best cooking methods to preserve the quality of the food you consume. Whenever Whether a food with the heat, make sure that the inside will develop the chemical and / or physical reactions.

The most important chemical reaction is that discovered by Louis Camille Maillard, a French chemist who in 1912 observed browning of foods subjected to heat sugar and protein solutions. It is responsible, for example, the formation of the crust of the bread, the browning of fried foods, the color of coffee and roasted cocoa, the color of the beer and the beloved crust steak. Ultimately, it is a reaction that takes place between 140°C and 180°C and foods rich in sugars and proteins conferring the typical brown appearance, taste and aroma of “cooked”.

Healthier foods

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This phenomenon, therefore, grows at high temperatures, namely between 140°C and 180°C. In many cases, these temperatures tend to degrade the foods to cook and, for this, it is good practice to work with precision instruments such as, for example, of cooking thermometers so as to always keep under control the heat source you are using.

Any food, plant or animal that is, carries with it the fat and the same tend to change with the high temperatures. That said, it is immediately clear that the optimum thing is to work more temperatures near 140°C instead of 180°C.

In addition to all this, the Maillard reaction is responsible for many other potentially harmful compounds including: acrylamide, heterocyclic amines, furan, 3-monocloropropan-1,2-diol (3-MCPD). Each of these compounds is for your body a danger already at low concentrations.

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If you take daily processed and cooked foods (packaged or self-produced) from breakfast and so on for all other meals, you can well understand how many and which may be occasions when the risk of introducing excessive amounts of these harmful substances.

A good solution can be (in addition to pay attention to cooking) temperature limit the use of packaged foods, which do not know the techniques of production, and often consume more raw foods, primarily fruits and vegetables so you work under 40°C.

Try to also pay attention when you’re out (this is especially true for those who, for business reasons, very often eat at the restaurant or in public places) and seeks to understand how food is processed, because at home you can work on your staff education proper home cooking, but in the kitchens of public catering, very often, you do not know what happens, and above all, do not know at what level is the awareness and attention with respect to these issues.

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