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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as a courier driver? It’s an important job, making sure parcels reach their destinations within a given time. Driving all day on our busy roads just to get the job done, it’s time we took our hats off to the heroes of delivery and look at what an average day entails for a courier.

Most delivery drivers have an early start, perhaps getting to their local depot by 5am! A quick check of what freight has been assigned for the day before planning out the route for the day in the smartest and most efficient way. After the planning, it’s time to set off with the day’s cargo safely on board for delivery.

If a customer has ordered a delivery to be made within a specified time slot then it’s the driver’s responsibility to ensure all goods are delivered within that window. Every day the driver must contend with morning rush hour traffic, roadworks and any other delays that can occur at any time on our roads. Patience and a cool, calm manner are required for spending everyday driving at some of the busiest times of the day.

Once deliveries have been completed, it’s normally time for collection slots. Picking up parcels that customer’s need to send is the first stage of that parcel’s journey with a courier. These afternoon pick-ups also coincide with the school run and afternoon rush hour so a driver gets the pleasure of hitting it twice in one day!

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Once all collections are complete, it’s back to the depot for sorting the parcels to ensure they continue on in their journey to reach their recipient. It’s a fast-paced job which requires the ability to remain calm in a time-sensitive schedule. A good knowledge of local road networks is essential as you could be called on to react quickly and find alternative routes when road closures occur or delays are terrible. For a Same Day Courier Reading, visit https://www.uk-tdl.com/

Working as a courier can mean some big responsibilities when it comes to the importance of what you’re delivering. Many businesses use courier services to transport extremely vital, confidential and urgent material. They can also be used for delivering blood, organs for transplant and other essential medical supplies for different health services. A courier driver must know the roads like the back of his or her hand but also know the right places to deliver mail inside large corporate and government buildings.

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A courier must record collections and deliveries, obtain signatures, keep paperwork and be able to accurate relay messages so good organizational and communication skills are important. Other qualities that people look for in a courier include: reliability, flexibility, attention to detail, an understanding of confidentiality, a professional manner and a clean driving license!

Still think you might have what it takes to be a courier driver? It takes a lot of planning, logistics and organization for a courier company to get that important parcel where it needs to be at the right time.

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