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Quick DIY Jobs to Do in a Day

A quick DIY job can be a great way to invest your extra time during the day, and it can even be a smart way to add value to your home. Although some DIY projects can turn into month-long endeavors, there are lots of great DIY projects to get your creative juices flowing that can be finished in less than a day.

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Get Inspired

The world of home remodeling and decorating is all over the internet. Getting inspired by seeing your dream home or dream bedroom online can be the first step in a great DIY project. Simply browse for images of your ideal living space or look for specific projects online. If this is your first venture into DIY projects, try something small to get your creative gears turning before you leap into anything too big.

Quick and Rewarding Small Projects

Whether this is your first attempt at a DIY project or you’re an experienced hobbyist who needs something small, these great home-improvement projects are perfect. You’ll have the motivation of adding value to your home, and you’ll have the near instant gratification of finishing in one day. You can also look online for some great projects to consider.

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Repaint Your Front Door

Repainting your front door is a great way to add value to your home, and it is about as easy as it gets for DIY projects. All you need to do here is pick a color, get the right paint and painting tools, cover the things you don’t want to paint, and then get to it! The most difficult step is choosing the color. What colors do the most beautiful houses in your neighborhood have? What color do you not already see in your neighborhood? Looking online at sites such as can give you plenty of design inspiration.

Make Yourself a New Mailbox

If you want something a little more involved but you still can’t invest more than a day, making a mailbox is the perfect project. There is nothing more satisfying than nailing a couple of pieces of wood together, and it’s even more satisfying when the outcome looks nice, too. Here you can go for the full DIY experience and design the box yourself or take a look online for dozens of creative ideas with full instructions.

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