Aquaphysical: Burn 800 calories in 40 minutes

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The aquaphysical is a new discipline and is conquering the world of fitness experts and enthusiasts. The discipline was born in the cold waters Londoners thanks to Leila Francis Coleman, founder of the new specialties and fitness trainer.

This sport allows you to burn 800 calories in just one training session (which lasts about 45 minutes) and requires only one requirement: know how to swim.

The discipline fun tones and makes you lose weight. These three winning combinations are the leitmotiv of many athletes who want to make new experiences spectacular. What is this discipline? What happens? Which brings other benefits? Here you go …

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What aquaphysical is?

The new discipline with roots in London, consists of a workout for the entire body that you are running on a kind of floating carpet on the water (pool) trying to keep his balance as on a surfboard.

The session aquaphysical lasts 45 minutes and appears to face burn up to 800 calories (at once). The aquaphysical is a discipline that combines many elements of the traditional yoga combined with other high intensity exercises.

And possible to replace elements of yoga with those of Pilates, always along with other fitness exercises at high intensity. Personal trainers, physical therapists and instructors Pilates and yoga design the carpet, which simulates the gym mat.

The dimensions, the materials and thickness make it possible to carry out any type of exercises; the surface is slightly roughened so as to prevent slippage. And after the session is deflated and conveniently tucks away in a small space.

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What happens during the session aquaphyisical?

A lesson begins with a warm-up, or in some exercises of equilibrium and balance to get used to stand on the floating carpet. Once you reach a certain stability, we start the second step, begins the real session and with their yoga and pilates exercises.

You can also practice …

  • Push ups
  • Squats
  • Fitness exercises

All of these serve to maintain a certain stability and concentration on the carpet. Floating does not promote balance and therefore the physical tightness and resistance increased compared to exercises done on the ground.

The aquaphysical you can practice in any place where there is water, lakes, sea, swimming pools. The results are surprising, losing so many calories in such a short time. We see all the aquaphysical benefits.

The aquaphysical benefits

As mentioned abundantly above, the new London discipline that is all the rage around the world is a strenuous exercise, and that affects the entire body of the athlete. The aquaphysical advantage is that it allows higher performance in certain muscle areas, combines plyometrics, isometrics and stretching to develop balance and strengthen the heart as well as the back and legs.

It is a workout, keen to point out the experts, does not change the body composition but only helps to burn fat without even realizing it through contact with the water and the environment very fun and challenging.

It also increases the resistance to physical, agility, power muscle, balance, concentration, socialization and fun (for the fact of not being a boring sport). All this thanks to the contact with water. A further advantage is that aquaphysical outside is not done in icy waters, but in other warm.

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