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Shoulder and arm exercises to do at home to tone and slim down

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The exercises the shoulders and arms can be made at home free body or with the support of dumbbells or lighter weights perfect for toning the body part that yields easily with the passage of time.

The arms and shoulders are a delicate part and, with the passage of time and increasing age, the test of salt may become increasingly worrying. To avoid being forced to greet only as Queen Elizabeth, it’s good to play periods and also allow us to reduce any fat accumulations. Are exercises shoulders arms to do at home, body weight or using tools such as dumbbells, small weight and possible replacement yourself.

As with any exercise done at home, it is important to understand what your body is communicating us to avoid the risks (and pain) of a workout done wrong or approximately. Do not force too much movement, especially if you are still a bit, started slowly, allowing yourself breaks and starting out with a smaller number of exercises per series, to be increased with the passage of time. Do heating and do also support from other muscles like abs and pecs, to avoid going against neck and back.

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As you do the shoulder and arm exercises for women?

There are various types of exercises to train the arms and shoulders involving various muscles individually. We shall have to differentiate the exercises biceps and triceps essential to tone the arms, the deltoids with the shoulders. If we carry out the arms shoulder exercises at home, we can replace the handlebars with the water bottles (small or those from 1.5L if you are more trained), procure a rubber band and a mat for bending. Whatever the means, the goal is always the same: to tone and streamline these two parts of the body. Let’s see the exercises to be done depending on the muscle involved.

Shoulder exercises with dumbbells or free body

To make shoulders exercises we train the deltoids and we can do so through either dumbbells or weights (which we can replace, if absent, with the bottles of water, small or large) or free body.

Shoulder exercises with dumbbells

For training the delts with dumbbells, we do lateral raises. Put yourself in the foot, slightly spread out the legs and bending them, contract the abdominal, put your chest out and back straight. Bent slightly and point your elbows wrists down, inhaling. Then raise your arms bringing the dumbbells at shoulder level, exhale, and hold for a few seconds and then reminiscence.

Bodyweight exercises shoulders

To tone your deltoids and shoulders so bodyweight do the plank, a static exercise that also helps to firm up your abs, buttocks and thighs. Lie on the ground with the belly side down; bend the elbows to 90°, in such a way that they become parallel to the shoulders; meanwhile set your toes on the floor and started to support the whole body only remaining resting on your forearms and toes, contracting abdominals and buttocks. Hold the pose for 30 seconds, gradually increasing the resistance until, with the constant training, 5 minutes.

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Biceps exercises to do at home

To train the biceps can perform various types of exercises depending on the tools available.

Biceps exercises with the dumbbell

You put up, with your legs slightly bent and spread apart. Attach the arms at your sides and bring the dumbbell towards your shoulder moving only the forearm. Start with your right arm, do the exercise for 10 times and then continue with the left too. You can also switch between right and left arms, if you prefer. Do at least two sets of 10. Alternatively, you can perform this exercise for biceps sitting on a chair, making sure the back and pelvis, which must not sag, and do not close your shoulders.

Biceps exercises bodyweight

We can do the exercises for the biceps without handlebar. If we are at home, getting us a mat can be useful, or even the floor may be fine. So we proceed with pushups. We have already seen the pushups for pectorals, biceps and we will keep your legs stretched out. So, get prone on the ground, place the tips of your feet firmly, put the body in axis taking abs and buttocks tense and straighten your arms. Maintain the pose for 3-4 seconds and then slowly return to earth. If you need support, you can also do pushups on your elbows and simplify the movement. Repeat the exercise 10 times for 2 sets.

Triceps exercises for toning and slender arms

Again, to train triceps and quadriceps, the dumbbells homemade may represent a variant of bodyweight exercises to do on the mat.

Triceps exercises with dumbbell

Triceps extension Let’s start with: put yourself in the foot, legs flexed and slightly apart, back straight and striving abdominals to keep your torso axis. Raise your arms straight up and started to bend at the elbow by gently bringing the handlebars back. Games with your right arm, running the motion 10 times and then attacked with the second. Again you can switch between the arm. Do 2-3 sets of ten, depending on your ability and strength.

Bodyweight exercises triceps

Lie on the ground, placing your knees on a cushion. Place the hands by opening and approaching thumb and index finger in such a way as to form a rhombus. Bend your arms closer to your chest and hands holding this position for 3 seconds and then climb. Or put yourself back to a chair or a bench if you’re at the park. Keep your legs straight and started the pushups by lowering the buttocks but without him touching the floor. Either way, do 2-3 10 series.

Stretch the shoulders and arms after exercises

To relax the muscles that we worked on, it is important to grant the last 5-10 minutes of our session with stretching exercises for shoulders and arms. First of all, to loosen the muscles of the shoulders, move up and down about 5 times. Next, bring your right arm up, bending the arm behind your head. With the opposite hand, grasp the elbow and pull slightly on the opposite side for about 5-10 seconds. Do the same with the other arm.

Next, bring your right arm forward, grab the arm opposite the elbow and bring the chest arm pulling lightly for 5-10 seconds … Do the same with the other arm.

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