5 of the best restaurants in the UK as voted by the industry experts

Each year, the league tables of the top restaurants in the country are eagerly awaited. Appearing on the list will virtually guarantee business over the coming months and years, so it makes sense that people work very hard at making it all look effortless.

5 of the best restaurants in the UK as voted by the industry experts

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Fifth Place – L’Enclume, Cumbria

Showcasing one of the most inventive menus, L’Enclume in the tiny village of Cartmel serves delicious food all made from local produce. Much of it is so local, it comes from the restaurant’s own 12-acre farm.

Fourth Place – The River Cafe, London

This is a great Italian restaurant serving hearty food that is delicious and unpretentious. Expect more good things from this exciting Hammersmith restaurant in the future.

Third Place – The Ledbury, London

The food at The Ledbury is always perfectly presented and is something to behold. Already well-known and boasting an impressive two Michelin stars, the earthy French cuisine which has become a distinctive house style is a well-established feature in Notting Hill.

Second Place – Barrafina, London

This is a worthy silver medal runner-up, the highest place tapas bar in the land. Set in the bustling Covent Garden, this Spanish-inspired restaurant will always be busy, but the food being prepared is well worth the effort.

The Winner – The Sportsman, Kent

The Sportsman is a casual coastal pub in disguise, and has evolved from one man’s vision to a magnificent restaurant. Leagues away from the ‘grotty’ pub it might once have been, the Sportsman now serves elegant, delicious dishes with a modern twist.

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For a more extensive list of top restaurants across the country, see the Sunday Times list at Leading Restaurants, where you are sure to find more inspiration.

If you get the opportunity, book yourself a table at one these restaurants over the coming months and enjoy a meal to remember.

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