Belts and Buckles: More Useful Than You Think

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Belts, and their buckles, can be a tricky thing for any family to manage. How many kids can grow through a belt before you need to get a new one, how do you size belts for the whole family and what do you do with them once they have outlived their purpose? The good news is that there are many online guides and project ideas to help you both choose and reuse your belts and buckles.

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It can be easier than ever to find the western belt buckles you are looking for, no matter how old the family member. You can find a variety of designs and sizes to match your current belts or a new one. You can even find matching buckles and belts for the whole family.

Choosing the right belt for your needs, however, is more detailed than just heading to the store and finding one you like the look of. A good rule is to purchase a belt one to two pants sizes larger than what you need to ensure a good fit.


It can be difficult to just get rid of your old belts and buckles, especially if it has managed to survive a family full of hand-me-downs. But, even if it is broken, you do not have to just throw it away. You can find many ways to reuse an old belt from home décor to chunky bracelets, the possibilities are practically endless. For instance, if you purchased matching belt buckles for a family picture, you can use the buckles to decorate the frame.

Whether you are using a belt as a fashion statement, to keep that toddler from running out of his or her britches, or to create a unique family heirloom, it is a good thing to hold on to. You can find the right belts and buckles for almost any occasion and to fit almost every member of the family.

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