History of the Paralympics

Every four years the Paralympic games take place where the greats from the world of paralympic sport come together to compete in the international games. UK greats such as Ellie Simmonds and Jonnie Peacock have represented the country across the world.

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The Paralympic games are designed for anyone who has a categorised disability. There are a number of different categories that group together the athletes. Many of these people will have issues with their mobility, sight, strength and may use Mobility Aids like those from Ability Superstore in their everyday lives.

The first Paralympic Games was held in Rome back in 1960 and 23 countries took place, with around 400 athletes competing in total. This then paved the way for the summer games to be held every four years. A decade later in 1976, a Winter Paralympic Games was added, with the first one being held in Sweden that year. These winter games are also held every four years.

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Much like the Olympics, there is an opening and closing ceremony at every Palaympic event, where the athletes gather together to prepare for the events and to celebrate their successes at the end.

By 1989 the governing body, the International Paralympic Committee was created as a non-profit organisation that would oversee the structure and management of the event. They operate in the same way that the International Olympic Committee does.

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