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Six tips for the Pilates for makes you live better

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If you have a bad day at work there is an activity that, while trains you can also relax and get away from stress. In addition, it is not what you think, Pilates training is not just for celebrities (although when something becomes fashionable …).

In addition, today there are many places to practice this discipline. Since the typical gyms always to more specialized sites with smaller groups.

Let us see what can happen if you start doing Pilates regularly…

Say goodbye to stress

Pilates both ground and machine has been growing in popularity for several reasons. The results are fast, which makes for a greater motivation to continue training. Besides classes can be very intense working throughout the body. In addition, like any exercise, plus the feeling of a job well done, you take a good dose of endorphins.

Stronger and more defined arms

Pilates, but tries to work the whole body based on the CORE (the lumbar and abdominal area), it can also be done exercises that are more specific where the arms are the protagonists. After the fine and any position in the quadruped, or position your arms make funds work with intensity. If we also include materials such as rubber bands, this work may become more intense.

It helps you stay in shape

A good workout pilates can leave you exhausted. In addition, it is that we must not forget that this discipline is also a workout. During the session, your body will burn calories, but it’s better to tone and tighten your muscles, you are increasing your basal metabolism. This means that the more muscle tone, burn more calories at rest.

Poor posture are over

Pilates programs are designed for both athletes and for ordinary people like you and me. The goal is to work strength and proper posture in key areas of the hip and lower back, upper back and neck. Basically to counter poor posture caused by the day. In addition, the instructor should ask the customer about the areas you want to get started and where you notice results faster. That way you can design a specific program to activate, the muscles specifically for that later can do a more comprehensive job.

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You can do even pregnant

Pregnancy and lactation involve many changes in a woman’s body. However, many of them do not want to stop exercising during pregnancy. In addition, do well, as women who train the core muscles during these 14 weeks have better birth and suffer fewer backaches.

Furthermore, this training also speeds up the recovery process of the shape of your body before pregnancy. And last but not least, we know that proper exercise at the right time improves the immune system, circulation, and gives you enough time to enjoy pregnancy to the extent of what can be energy.

However, remember, as when doing any exercise, it is best that you consult with a doctor.

A life without backaches

Pilates was originally developed as a rehabilitation tool. Joseph Pilates was a German gymnast born in 1883, who dedicated his life to teaching their techniques and exercises that poor posture thought went hand in hand with poor health. He said that awareness of breathing and proper alignment of the spine we can work the deep muscles of the trunk, you cannot do with other traditional exercises.

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