Want to start speaking at corporate events? Here’s how!

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Public speaking is some people’s worst nightmare. However, for others, the idea of standing up in front of hundreds of people is a really attractive one. Sharing knowledge and advice can be incredibly fulfilling, and a fantastic place to start is at corporate events.

At first you may find that pay is minimal, but as you become more proficient and in demand, it could potentially become a full-time career. Here’s how to get started.


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 Begin Online

The internet is a great place to start. Find a few blogs to follow or think about starting one yourself. The aim is to build a following of people who share similar interests and appreciate your specialist knowledge. Once people know who you are, they are likely to want to attend any of your speaking events.

Although the idea of creating your own website or blog can be a daunting one, it is actually surprisingly simple to get started. There are a range of management systems for content, such as WordPress, which you can use to build a very professional-looking website. There are also lots of web hosting companies who can help with installation if necessary. If you have limited time or would find hosting your own blog or website too challenging, consider becoming a regular contributor to other people’s blogs.

Creating a Website

The first step is to create a homepage that explains who you are and what you do. This can be used to showcase your expertise and provide potential clients with an overview of what you are offering. You might also like to include the specialist topics. testimonials, fees, and contact information. What have you already done? Include videos of previous speeches here if possible.


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Networking is the key to becoming a successful speaker. Connect with event organisers, such as http://davisevents.ie, who organise corporate events in Ireland, and find other professional speakers. You can do this online through social media, but it is also important to do this in person. Attend as many local events as possible.

Submit Ideas

Take a look at conference websites and check out their “speakers wanted” page. At first, you will need to be proactive about finding gigs. When you apply, as with any job application, take the time to ensure your submission is perfect.

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