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Emotional origin of the injuries, what can we do?

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Although some people may sound strange to hear about the emotional origin of injuries, holistic medicine is clear: the vast majority of physical ailments have to do with an altered nervous system.

Emotional origin of injuries

An altered nervous system causes anxiety and emotional distress on the part of the person. At the physical level, the consequences are muscle contractual and the gravitational weight. You could say that the gravitational weight is the burden of life that supports the individual on his shoulders.

All social problems (work, unemployment, defaults, mortgage, etc.) focus on the right shoulder. In children, the same goes for the school load or bad relationships with classmates. This charge pushes the right scapula and down accordingly the left scapula rises.

Affective loads (heartbreaks, marital breakups, poor relationships between parents and children, sibling jealousy, etc.) end up in the left shoulder. All this weight presses the left shoulder down, while the right shoulder blade moves up. Regardless of the side to suffer gravitational weight decompensation always it occurs in the bone structure of the person. It is the first step in the emotional origin of injuries.


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Scoliosis, as a first abnormality

When the imbalance between the two shoulder blades than 1.5 centimeters, hip moves to compensate and find balance. All these shifts keep the skeleton in balance, but the spine undergoes significant twists. So scoliosis are generated. The deviation of the back occurs because its foundations (the lumbar and coccyx) are displaced.

It is a mistake to believe that deviations from the column are rooted in poor postural hygiene. Quite the opposite. The person unconsciously feel bad to find the most comfortable position resting under her scoliosis.

The consequences of hip displacement

It is also a mistake to believe that an individual has one longer than the other leg. In the vast majority of cases what happens is that there is a hip displacement. Consequently, the burden person one leg than the other and that translates into problems kneecap and meniscus due to natural wear. Therefore it is also advisable to strengthen the upper muscles (quadriceps) to relieve knee so much pressure.

Moreover, the hip displacement often causes a gravitational load more foot support and the support surface is decompensated with respect to the other. The person will notice pain in the foot or fingers have shrunken because inflamed tendons just because of excess pressure. You want more examples of emotional origin of the injury?

The curvature of the back can also result in displaced vertebrae, chafing and pinching, bumps, or calcifications and welded vertebrae. If the vertebrae are properly aligned and there is a space between them, never a herniated disc is formed.

Surgical interventions can solve only partially herniated discs since, if there continues gravitational load weight, it is likely that a second hernia appears elsewhere in the column.

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The grips are also problematic. Sciatica (sciatic nerve impingement) causes a pain that can go the whole leg and prevent the person walking. Tendinitis, over time, become chronic and cause pain in the arms that incapacitates the individual to lift weights. Grips are also the cause of neck pain.

The alteration of the nervous system that causes the emotional origin of injuries always carries associated feelings of fear and helplessness regarding different issues of life: love relationships, work, money, studies …

This blockade affects the kidney area, which inflame and weaken the lumbar area. This weakening also causes the vertebrae to rub or hit when doing any type of exercise and increases the chances of suffering physical ailments.

Fibromyalgia, maximum alteration of the nervous system

The maximum disturbance (the third grade) nervous system is the contraction of the musculature of the entire body due to inflammation of all tendons. It is what we know as fibromyalgia, which involves exhaustion and an almost unbearable pain.

How to fix these ailments?

Ease tensions start musculature and bone structure repositioning is like starting the cart before the horse. The person will notice an improvement right after treatment, but after a few days discomfort persist.

To solve these ailments permanently, go to the emotional origin of the lesions: alteration of the nervous system.

You can combine different therapies to strengthen acupuncture, naturopathy, neuro-sedative massage, reflexology, shiatsu … If it is also necessary to intervene osteopathy, do so only when the nervous system is strong enough and has lowered the level of contractures and weight gravity. However, there are times when you do not need to resort to osteopathy because, thanks to the memory cell possessing all cells (including bone), they return to their natural state of health.

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