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Eggplant consumption protects us against liver cancer

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Thanks to its components eggplant consumption can help us improve our liver health while stimulating our defenses and protects us against tumor growth.

Eggplant consumption protects us against many diseases and ailments. Whatever variety you choose, because nutrition experts agree on calling her “the queen of vegetables” not only for its versatility when cooking, but for the benefits it provides.

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Consumption of eggplant, key to further our liver health

An interesting fact about eating eggplant is that gives us a great number anthocyanins a type of very powerful antioxidants with anti – inflammatory effects.

Apart from its many vitamins and minerals, this vegetable is rich in a number of elements that have attracted always the interest of scientists, in the relentless pursuit to find out what kinds of foods may be best suited to help us, as far if possible, to protect against cancer.

These are the data that gives us the study cited at the beginning and that undoubtedly invites us to draw on our culinary imagination to have at hand a tasty eggplant.

Eggplant slows tumor growth

  • With polyphenol chlorogenic acid and these vegetables we protect our cells from impact of free radicals, also promoting detoxification enzymes in cells.
  • According to this study, the glyco alkaloids  present in eggplants favor the destruction of cancer cells with components which can arise both in the liver and colon.
  • An interesting fact is that both tomatoes and eggplants share many benefits in inhibiting tumor proliferation.
  • Both glyco alkaloids alanine and protect us against carcinomas. What they do is also slow angiogenesis, is the growth of new blood vessels in the body which favors the spread of tumors or other diseases.
  • Eggplants also contain vitamin C, essential to take care of our immune system, since it stimulates the production and activity of our defenses.

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Both chlorogenic acid and antioxidants are well suited to protect against multiple diseases antiviral and antibacterial qualities.

It is important to note that eggplants consumption alone will not prevent develop cancer, but has a protective effect, combined with healthy lifestyle habits may decrease to a considerable extent the risk of a tumor.

Reasons why we should eat more eggplants

We have already given you a reason to increase consumption of eggplant but in reality, there are many more reasons why we should eat them all at home, at least two or three times a week.

We invite you to take note.

Heart Health

  • Fiber, potassium, vitamins C and B6, and the content of phytonutrients eggplants are powerful allies heart health.
  • We cannot forget that all this incredible contribution of flavonoids that gives us this plant. These allow us to control blood pressure and even the level of cholesterol in blood.

Eggplants improve our cognitive function

  • Thanks to anthocyanin care of the health of nerve cells in our brain, improve nutrition and waste disposal.
  • Anthocyanins also inhibit nerve inflammation and facilitate blood flow to the brain. This helps us prevent mental disorders related to age and enhances our memory.

Some really interesting facts…

Weight management and satiety

  • Eggplants are rich in dietary fiber such that, in addition to give us satiety, allows us to regulate intestinal transit while improving our digestion.
  • An eggplant medium size has only about 20 calories but gives us almost 3 grams of dietary fiber, 5% potassium, 3% vitamin C, 5% vitamin B6, 1% iron and 2% magnesium.

We are facing a very healthy and suitable for the whole family vegetable.

Do not hesitate to cook it as you like, without forgetting that you can take water with you make firing them to promote weight loss. You just have to combine it with the juice of a lemon and go drinking along all day.

Your body will appreciate this natural beverage rich in antioxidants that not only take care of your liver, but will allow you to regulate cholesterol and improve your digestion.

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