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3 Exercises to strengthen the buttocks

strengthen the buttocks
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When summer arrives, shorter time to get clothes and swimwear, and many people wonder how to have “good ass”. Amid the operation bikini, we will see three simple exercises to strengthen the buttocks and back look better. You may also like to see those exercises to do sit-ups, we saw a few weeks ago.

1. Climbing stairs

To do this exercise, you do not need any kind of equipment, not even a mat. You just have to find a place with a long series of steps. Perhaps a public place or a stadium, or even the stairs to your estate if nothing better.

Then you have to go up and quickly down those stairs 10 times, in three different ways: the first climbing the steps one by one, the second of two, the third threes, and the next again one by one, and so on. If you want you can hum the music of Rocky, but not essential.

strengthen the buttocks

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Be careful: you have to have a good physical condition to do this kind of exercise. In addition, check with your doctor that you have a condition that prevents you from doing this kind of effort. For example, if you have knee problems, it is probably not a good idea. In addition, you have to do the exercise carefully to falls. If you cannot climb stairs 3 on 3, stick to alternate sessions one by one and two by two.

2. Squats

It is another very simple exercise, and requires no tools. It starts standing, legs apart and the feet hip-width. Knees and feet are slightly oriented outwards. Cross your arms in front of you, left hand on the right shoulder and vice versa.

Now bend your knees and slowly lower the rear back as if you were to sit in a chair. Once you have thighs parallel to the floor, you hold the pose one or two seconds, and then return to the original position. You can do three sessions of 15 to 20 repetitions.

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3. The half-bridge

For this exercise, you need a mat or a mat. The initial position is lying down on your back, with your feet apart and knees bent part (the heels are a few centimeters from the buttocks).

Pushing on your heels, buttocks up so that the shoulders, bust, hips and knees form a line .The arms and hands are on the floor, hands close to the heels, palms up. Hold the pose for a few seconds before returning to the starting position. Two sets of about 10 repetitions are made.


If you have not been clear these exercises, or feel any discomfort when practicing, I recommend YouTube tutorials and ask advice from experts in fitness training and investigate. The most important thing is to maintain proper posture and not force. The goal is to be fit and not be injured. For more tips visit

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