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Natural treatment for sprained wrist

sprained wrist
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If you have a sprained wrist, no improvements and you’re tired of anti-inflammatories, surely you get with natural therapies.

What is a wrist sprain?

A wrist sprain is an injury or carpal metacarpal joint by which a stretching or tearing a ligament occurs.

Ligaments are strong bands of tissue that connect one bone to another. The doll is made up of eight bones that articulate and connect with each other and with the bones of the hand and forearm bones.

The wrist joint is protected by a synovial capsule content (liquid) and the bones are connected together by ligaments and cartilage contact.

sprained wrist

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Many strains are subluxations

This indicates that fail to dislocate completely but are produced and reduce spontaneously (return to their own place). They are detected by radiological examination and tend to be ignored or considered unimportant.

They should be diagnosed as reduced subluxation and if there are no complications, treated by immobilization in a slightly flexed position also called functional, for a period of two or three weeks followed this progressive active exercises. The limitation and swelling may persist for months after the sprain.

Symptoms of a sprained wrist

  • Pain, tenderness and swelling around the wrist.
  • Redness, warmth, or bruising around the wrist.
  • Limited ability to move the wrist.

It can be hard to tell the difference between a wrist sprain and a fracture or dislocation of one of the small bones of the wrist.

If you have any deformity, swelling or obvious to move the wrist or hand disability, consult your doctor.

Post-surgical or post-traumatic treatment of wrist sprain


  • Massaging therapeutically shaped transverse and oblique thumbs therapist and massage oil in the dorsal and palmar carpal region damaged for 15 minutes every other day or even every day at first, so for a month or month and a half.
  • Movements of flexion-extension and lateral-flexion passive ten days after the lesion treated with immobility.
  • Mobilize all carpal and metacarpal bones, also after immobilization with splints. the region of the metacarpal-carpal be taken with both hands the therapist standing in front of the patient and passive movement shall circulate in the form of eight. End the session therapeutically massaging hands, metacarpal, carpal and forearm.

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Homeopathy for sprained wrist

Bryony alba Arnica montana + 5ch 5ch 5ch + Ruta graveolens. 3 granules each, three or four times daily.

Subluxation, adding: Calcarea fluorica 7ch, three pellets once a day.

With avulsion periosteum (bone tissue regains): 5ch Simphitum three granules once a day with the first indicated (also in broken bones)


  • Of course avoid slip or fall. Wrist sprains, most times are caused by falls, more mind forward. It could also be strain or repetitive movements in sports or work. In these cases you can use an anatomical wrist strap during activity.
  • Use nonskid footwear, mainly people over 75 years or difficulty of balance.

In areas of low frequency to snow, great caution should be the day that happens. The lack of experience of walking on something snowy ground, produces countless injuries, where the most common wrist sprain and broken wrist.

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