Training is an investment that businesses must make

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Econsultancy released a report that revealed over 55% marketers had not completed any marketing training or qualifications. This is an alarmingly high percentage, especially when you consider all the talk about professional development in the workplace. It is important that any company can grow and move forward and training is an essential part of this growth.

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Consider the following to gain a better understanding of why companies should invest in marketing training:

How can marketers learn more?

You’d expect that with such easy internet access, marketers would be spending a lot of their time on self-learning or using any online business training resources they could find. When asked how they learned, the majority of marketers stated that they learned most of their skills through courses and training seminars lasting a full day. The importance of taking the initiative and finding resources themselves was not high on the list. Self-motivation plays an important role here.

How often does a marketer learn?

You’d expect that businesspeople would invest a lot of their time in learning, given that there are so many opportunities to do so and that many training providers offer complete courses online. Most marketers will not learn unless they are forced to. Over 60% of marketers admit to only spending two days per month on learning. The majority also point out that their employers do not encourage or facilitate further learning or don’t have a formal learning strategy. Consider how business coaching can help your business identify where training would be beneficial. For more information on a Gloucester Business Coach, visit

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Employers are taking charge

The answers to the questions show that it is both the employee and employer’s responsibility to encourage learning. Otherwise, business marketers will stagnate or work without formal training. The startup culture is growing and there are many small businesses that are emerging. In this case as well as in the case of large conglomerates, education of staff is crucial.

In the marketing field, there are constant changes and improvements that must be observed, embraced, and used to their fullest potential.

A business looking to grow will invest in marketing training. By staying on top of the latest trends and making use of the available resources, it can reap the benefits of a solid strategy backed by knowledgeable staff.

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