A visit to Holby’s emergency services.

One of the most dramatic television shows produced is that of the medical drama. To date the longest running medical show on British television is Casualty. It centres around the staff and patients of a fictional hospital accident and emergency centre in the made up town of Holby. It’s been running since the mid nineteen eighties. It has spawned the careers of many an actor, while others like Charlie Fairhead (a role the actor Derek Thompson has played for over 30 years!) has remained a constant throughout. One thing that the character will tell you is that Medical Indemnity Insurance, like that from MPRS, is invaluable.

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Casualty has become a part of the Saturday evening television routine. It is still something of a flagship of the BBC and remains the longest running medical drama anywhere in the world, It has all the right ingredients for good drama. There is the ever changing round of people coming into the A and E with various wounds and a suitable backstory. There is the desperate fight by Doctors to try and save the life of critically injured patient or there is someone trying to make amends and find redemption,

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The show also tries to reflect what is happening in the wider world with the state of the NHS and the relationship with the Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons and managers. It has spanned two spinoffs, the successful Holby General about the hospital itself and even the Police in Holby Blue.

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