Coping with a New Puppy

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A new puppy is something that brings so much joy to your home – however it is also a time that can be tough, and like having a baby means that you need to make some big adjustments in your life. If you find that you are struggling to adjust to the changes that are in your life due to a new puppy, look into the puppy blues – a lot of people go through them!

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Something that can make this transition easier to manage is preparing for your new arrival thoroughly. Knowing what to expect and all the family being aware of what to expect and the way to behave around the new puppy can also make things easier. For example, young children may be excited by the puppy and want to play with and stroke it, but this is something that should only happen when supervised by an adult, to ensure all interactions go well.

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Your home too should be ready for the whirlwind that is a new puppy – flooring like this laminate wood flooring at Irwin Tiles is a much better choice than carpet, as it is much easier to clean up the inevitable accidents – remember, puppies don’t come ready toilet trained, so be prepared to spend time toilet raining your pup.

Although at times having a new puppy can be tough, putting in the effort now will ensure that you have a confident, happy and well-trained dog who will be a companion and family member for many years to come.

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