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10 simple tricks to make your clothes always look like new

Wash your clothes
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If you do not want our clothes to deteriorate prematurely it is very important to take care of the details when washing and avoid anything that might harm the tissues.

Every day is more common than we buy a new garment and soon spoil, with pinholes in the bottom of the shirts, with the loss of color intensity, widening…

This forces us to renew our wardrobe often, which, besides damaging our aesthetic, is also a problem for our pockets. To resolve this, we suggest some tricks for your clothes look like new.

Wash your clothes

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1. Wash only what is dirty

Although it seems obvious, we tend to put in the basket of dirty laundry clothes that have barely used and therefore are clean. Note that the more washes the clothes we give, the more we punish.

2. Look after the first wash

The first time you do laundry is critical because this is where we can harm the dye, rubber and other chemicals with which treated tissues. To this end, it is best to read labels carefully wash.

3. Separate white clothes of dark

Although the speed with which we live causes us to ignore this traditional technique, we must make the effort to carry it out, given that allows treating wash with products and processes that require colors.

Clothes white needs different for both methods to preserve color as if it were new, and the good state of their tissues. Also, colored clothing requires accelerators to prevent losing their intensity.

4. Do not overload the washer

To make your wardrobe look brand new, the ideal is conveniently calculate the load, as this will apply the detergent and water in perspective.

In case you do not comply with this advice, the cleaning process will not be successful, so that we will damage the fabric to unprotected.

In this sense, it is very important to know how to load the washing machine because, otherwise, we will be turning our ally in our main adversary.

5. Use cold water

The water temperature is very important. Note that, in general, cold water is used to keep any product in good condition. Clothing is no exception: cold water protects and keeps clothes looking like new.

6. Check the collars and cuffs

Before putting the clothes in the washer, review these elements and apply a little baking soda and vinegar in them. With this advice, the fat that accumulates in this area will come off easily.

So we remaining unpolluted and maintain the same look as buy clothes.

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7. Natural products also add

Keep the dress in the best conditions and sustainability is fully compatible process, softening test natural, such as white vinegar or apple.

These alternative resources are highly desirable, as detergents, bleaches or softeners are very abrasive and harmful.

To check this, you only have to think about how the development of these items has been accompanied by a growing concern about the state of our wardrobe.

8. Use a wash bag

These items are increasingly popular among people who care about having clothes like new. The function of the bag is protecting garments friction washer and its consequences: the granules and the deformation thereof.

9. Close zippers

This is very important because, if left open, the pistons scratching at the rest of the cast, weakening the tissues and reaching break even.

So, if we want our clothes look brand new, we must ensure this step.

10. Check the pockets

Having coins or other objects in the pockets has a double effect: sensitizes clothes and alters its color.

On the one hand, the rubbing of these elements with other garments rend garments with friction washer drum and on the other, the gua the fade, mixing paint with water that the washing is done.

If you follow these tips you’ll have clothes like new for much longer and, at the same time, you’re taking care of the environment, since, in addition to using sustainable solutions, will reduce the number of washes and, therefore, consumption of water and electricity.

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