Making a makeup remover Home

Makeup Remover
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Learn to make your own home remover, easy and economic makeup.

Makeup remover and Natural Home

Make a home makeup remover you will love. Not only can you save money by avoiding buying expensive commercial cosmetic products full of chemicals whose names we can not even pronounce, but also you will ensure you always have makeup remover ready to spring into action every night, and protect your skin every day.

Makeup Remover

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Prepare your materials and ingredients and get to work to make your own natural makeup remover.

Ingredients and materials

With the following ingredients get a pot of homemade cleanser (about 1 cup, multiply or divide the recipe according to the container where you go to keep):

– 1 cup of mineral water
– 1 1/2 tablespoons baby shampoo (which does not provoke tears)
– 1/4 teaspoon baby oil

With regard to this last ingredient, many people avoid using it in their beauty routines for having the oily skin or other reasons. If this is your case, you can also use coconut oil or olive oil, gentle on the skin of any type.

In terms of materials, only you need a bowl, a spatula to mix, and a funnel to bottle your makeup remover home in a clean, dry, good seal container lid. You can reuse or another commercial one you have, and even glass bottles provided they have good seal and plastic cap.

Preparing homemade makeup remover

It’s simple: you just pour the ingredients into the bowl and mix gently until you feel all seamlessly integrated.

Remember adapt the recipe, multiplying or dividing it according to how you go to prepare: this home cleansing is very useful, and it is also a great for your friends or for your family ladies present.

Benefits of using a homemade cleanser

Besides being natural and safe (after all, we have developed products designed for babies, what safer than that?), this remover is very economical, while perhaps not be able to calculate the cost of a bottle, using only teaspoons of the products. You can prepare in quantity and store in tightly sealed, in the refrigerator if you prefer containers, but not necessary because not spoil or expire in a while.

As light you can use it on the face smoothly incubus in the area of the eyes. If you have little daughters, you can share it with them after playing makeup, as it has ingredients that may be harmful or aggressive with your skin.

To use this natural cleanser moisturizes only a small piece of cotton tissue or tissue paper, and gently review your face, neck and neckline, unwashed or rub. For pronounced makeup you can repeat the cleaning process, or moisturize your fingertips, rub them more makeup areas, and then go over to cotton.

For just a few coins will have achieved a home makeup remover sensational, highly effective, completely safe and careful with your skin.

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