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Pear juice, beets and spinach to revitalize the body

Revitalize the body
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If we want to get the maximum benefits of this pear juice, beet and spinach it is essential that we use all the raw ingredients to not lose properties.

Pear juice, beet and spinach … Delicious! If you have not ever tasted, do not miss the opportunity to discover this natural and revitalizing remedy with which to raise your defenses and start the day with energy. If you like this kind of natural juices where the freshness of fruits with vitamin content of vegetables combined, the wonderful combination of these three ingredients will be a gift for your health and well-being. We explain how to prepare and everything it can do for you.

Revitalize the body

Image Source: Google Image

Pear juice, beet and spinach: A gift for your health

Natural juices are fashionable, and if they are tonics or have some green ingredient, the better. Now, before you get carried away by these trends, we must consider what each of us need in particular.

  • Before preparing a juice or smoothie have to assess whether those ingredients in concrete us feel good. It is possible; for example, that the lemon will cause some discomfort or ginger raise your blood pressure.
  • It is important to also know that a natural juice should never replace a main intake. This pear juice, beet and spinach should not be, for example, a meal replacement or dinner.
  • Nor is it appropriate to consume the same natural juice every day. Ideally vary our nutrition and ensure that this is balanced, fair and fresh.
  • Also serves caloric intake that may have every natural drink. In this case beet, as we know, sugar, hence in case of diabetics we should avoid or at least consult with our doctor.

By this we mean that when choosing one of these natural juices is advisable to first assess what our particular needs. Therefore, we show below the benefits it can bring you this pear juice, beet and spinach.

It will help you strengthen your defenses and fight anemia

This juice-based pear, beet and spinach is ideal for those convalescent or suffering from anemia or mineral deficiencies people.

  • These three ingredients are powerful natural elements that will raise our levels of iron and copper, facilitating proper absorption of all nutrients and minerals so that, thus, the synthesis of red blood cells is facilitated.
  • If you are also going through a time when you have trouble concentrating, you feel a bit tired and with some muscle weakness, consumption of pears, beets and fresh spinach becomes a very successful remedy.

The fact prepare juice makes it much easier to consume. Worth it into account.

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You take care of your heart

One aspect to remember before preparing this juice is that all the ingredients should be fresh and raw . Beets, for example, lose some of their nutritional value if cooked more than 15 minutes.

  • So nothing better to cut both fruits and vegetables into small pieces to thus facilitate their liquid and able to benefit from all these properties.
  • One of the most important virtues that can give us this juice is that it is a source of dietary fiber ideal for our heart, which reduce levels of bad cholesterol or LDL.
  • You will like also know that this pear juice, beet and spinach has multiple antioxidants and flavonoids that can reduce inflammation and optimize the function of the arteries, avoiding atherosclerosis.

Boost your immune system

  • Thanks to this natural drink you’ll get an interesting contribution of antioxidants and vitamin C

This vitamin has been known for a long time to be beneficial to the immune system, since it stimulates the production and activity of white blood cells.

If you get used to drink this juice once or twice a week your overall health as you will notice, you will face possible infections and flus or colds.

Preparing pear juice, beet and spinach


  • 1 beet
  • 1 pear
  • 3 cups fresh spinach (90 g)
  • 1 cup water (200 ml)


  • As I have already noted at the outset, it is important that all the ingredients are fresh.

The first thing we do is wash well each food, to then peel the pear and cut into pieces to facilitate blending. We do the same with the beets.

  • Already in the blender, you only have to add the beets, spinach and pear. Once you have liquefied While the three basic ingredients, do not forget to include that glass of water to get a lighter, refreshing and homogenous drink.

Consume in your breakfast, then combining it with some protein, like some eggs, for example.

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