Diet 2016
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These are the best diet 2016

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US News & World Report lists a virtually any subject. We have spent the month of January and they have published several annual reports, among them we find one of the best diets of 2016.

US News & World Report evaluated and analyzed 38 of the most popular diets to determine the best. Here are the best diet for your health and fitness goals.

A group of nutritionists and doctors drew up this list. Since different people have different goals, the list is divided into categories. These categories are best of all diets, the best diet to lose weight, the best diet for heart health, the best plant-based diet and diet easier to follow. Experts discussed several points as nutrition, safety for your health, performance and ease to finish, to thereby producing the necessary recommendations. So what are the best diets of 2016?

Diet 2016
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The DASH Diet

This diet was the winner as the best diet of all the US News & World Report. This means it meets all the points mentioned. It is safe for your health, is nutritious, easy to follow and produce good results. One reason for the popularity of the DASH diet, is that promotes a healthy lifestyle rather than focusing solely on weight loss.

The meal plan, DASH, which means Foods Method to Stop Hypertension, was created by the National Institute Heart, Lung and Blood Institute to prevent and reduce the number of people suffering from high blood pressure. Its main purpose is not slim, but healthy proposals including the plan also promote weight loss.

This diet has actually been awarded as the best diets for 6 consecutive years. One of the best features of the DASH diet is that it is customized depending on your activity level and your age. This plan includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains also reduce salt intake.

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This plan also listed in the Report and many experts were surprised to see him there. This in part is because the MIND diet is new to the fitness world. This diet like the Whole30 and fertility diet, diet received a very high score.

The MIND diet that includes foods that foster and promote cognitive functions, also takes various points in the DASH diet, the Mediterranean diet, this diet MIND, tied for second place as the best of all diets diet to lower cholesterol called TLC (Changes of Life Style, for its acronym in English).

One reason why this MIND diet is so popular is because it focuses on healthy foods for our brain. In addition, as we know, many people who are overweight or obese are in that situation because your brain has developed an unhealthy relationship with food. This is one of its best features, the diet MIND aims to achieve a healthy balance between your mind and food.

The MHR Program

The HMR program tied for first place with The Biggest Loser diet as the fastest diet to lose weight. Most people want to lose weight fast, which is why the US News & World Report created this category. However, they are calling attention because usually these diets are not a self-sustaining meal plan and should be implemented only to start weight loss momentum. The HMR program claims it can achieve both a change lifestyle, such as weight loss.

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This program provides scientifically approved nutritional plans that combine structured diet, exercise and motivation to change lifestyle. Different food plans HMR program, are designed to help people lose weight fast while learning the tools necessary to stay thin. This plan uses its own products and meals to reduce the not so healthy options.

As you can see, the best diet is one that works with your needs and is molded to your lifestyle without changing radically, but helps you learn how you can lead a healthier life. Please share this article with all your loved ones, so that they too can benefit from this information. Together we can make this world a healthier and happier world!

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