Do solar panels need planning permission?

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One of the main questions people have about solar panels is whether they need planning permission. Let’s cover the main issues and what you need to know before investing in your own rooftop PV system.

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What is solar power?

Solar power is a hugely beneficial form of renewable energy that doesn’t emit greenhouse gases in the same way as burning fossil fuels. Homeowners can install solar PV panels that enable them to generate electricity and heat from solar energy at home.

Is planning permission required to install solar panels?

Generally speaking, you do not need planning permission. Solar panels were assigned ‘permitted development’ status by the government in 2008; however, there can be exceptions if you live in a listed building or in a conservation area. If your home falls in one of these categories, you will need to apply for permission from the planning department of your local planning authority. They will be able to accept or deny your application on the basis of the rules that apply to your situation, although these can be challenged if necessary.

Get the advice you need

The best approach to establishing your own situation is to speak to the experts for an assessment. The best solar panel installers Clevedon will come to your property to assess it and see whether there are any issues you need to know about, including planning issues. You can find out more from specialists such as Solar installers can give you the full picture of what is possible for your home.

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Solar energy can be a fantastic addition to your home, saving you money, making your energy provision secure, and helping you to save the environment. Why not contact your local installer to find out more?

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