Transforming Heat from the outside air into hot water

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Air Source Heat Pumps can transform heat from the outside air into hot water for domestic and commercial use. Professional, experienced, trusted companies such as specialise in providing this sustainable, natural source of heating. Circulating through under floor heating or radiators, cleverly positioned around your home, the hot water flows from room to room, ensuring your property is kept warm and cosy.  This clever use of air into hot water can also be used to heat your internal water cylinder so that the water from your taps (for your baths and showers) is hot and consistent.  This innovative process takes the natural heat in the air and absorbs it into a fluid that then passes through the Air Source Heat Pumps, they raise the temperature keeping your home warm and cosy even in the depths of winter.

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This form of environmentally friendly heating is suitable for most homes and is the most common type of domestic heating.  Tens of thousands of these bespoke pumps are being installed all across the Country and are proving to be economical, cost effective and efficient. Working equally as well throughout the entire year this type of heating runs smoothly even in the coldest temperatures.

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Efficiently heating and cooling your home, Air Source Heat Pumps can provide a great, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way of keeping your property comfortable to live and work in throughout the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter months.

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