Which Material is Best to Construct My Garden Room

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When buying a workshop, summerhouse or garden shed you will notice a range of materials are used.

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Garden sheds are increasingly popular as refuges and outlets for our personal style.

Wooden and timber cladding proves to be the most popular material for garden buildings. In a natural location, wood looks more genuine and organic, while timber doesn’t protrude out of the landscape.

Timber Cladding

Wooden sheds are constructed in multiple different finishes.

Feather edge cladding is created by overlapping planks of wood that are thicker at the bottom. Shiplap boards undergo a planing machine process to achieve a smooth finish, giving an attractive profile to the wood. Tongue and grooves can be added to the boards which enables them to be slotted together, creating an extremely strong structure.

Loglap cladding is similar to shiplap, but has a curved exterior. This gives a log cabin appearance, which is extremely attractive. This timber is generally thicker than shiplap, and it is again better to opt for tongue and groove finishes. Consider garden rooms from Garden Spaces.

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Cedar cladding is constructed from timber with a fine and very straight grain, giving a highly attractive finish. Contrary to what you might think, cedar is not a hardwood and is one of the best timbers for garden rooms and outdoor buildings.

Aim for at least a 12mm finished thickness, which will ensure a reliable and long lasting summerhouse or shed.

Metal Cladding

Steel and metal sheds are proving increasingly popular and require little maintenance over the years. Although steel may appear thin, the strength of the structure will come from the folds in the wall, becoming strong and robust. The treatment the metal receives is important, with either hot dipped galvanising or electro plating to consider. Hot dipped galvanised sheds are more robust and rust resistant, whereas electro plated sheds are cheaper but can be easily damaged.

Plastic Cladding

Plastic summerhouses are constructed from metal frames with plastic cladding on the exterior. Plastic is a good material for maintenance, requiring only a wash every now and again. Plastic sheds are also available in a double walled construction which strengthens the structure and is condensation resistant.

Concrete Sheds

Concrete structures have great strength, as they are made from robust steel bars and solid concrete.

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