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Designing a garden room space

If you’ve been working from home, either on a self employed basis, as a requirement from your work or you just plain don’t want to go back to the office, you might be starting to become tired of constantly using a room in your home. For many of us, our dining room, living room or spare bedroom has become the unofficial local branch of whomever you work for. Perhaps it’s time to look at some other options to try and reduce the pressure on yourself and the people that live with you. What other places can you use to set up a home office?

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The garden is one area that you might not have considered yet. With the increase in the technology of WI-fi provision it’s easy to have a connection pretty much anywhere where the router is placed. If you have a line connection downstairs you might be able to have a garden office. A solid structure like the Timber Frame Kits that you can get from can prove to be the perfect answer.

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It means that you can construct a fabulous area for you to spend the day working. You can doctor the space both inside and out. Imagine how perfect it will be to see the many plants and shrubs you have in your garden growing whilst you deal with clients. It might well be the catalyst you need for business success. If you feel more relaxed and genuine this will start to be reflected in the work that you produce.

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