Cleaning up a Hoarders Home

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Something that many people in the UK struggle with is hoarding. Hoarding is actually an officially recognised mental health condition and can arise from all sorts of circumstances – from past trauma, to grief, to being brought up by a hoarder themselves, the cause of what leads to someone becoming a hoarder is psychological, and in order to change the mindset of a hoarder and help them to change their ways, therapy should be the first step on the road to recovery, and to help them to get their home back.

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Many people who hoard will do so secretly, but often, family and close friends will be aware of the person being a hoarder. In this case, it is tempting to want to help them to clear their home, but until they have had the mental help to start this, it is not an easy thing to do and can often cause the hoarder more distress.

Once someone has realised that they do not want to live with a cluttered and hoarded home, then they will be ready to start making steps to clear their hoard. At this point, practical help is needed, as there is often a lot to get rid of – you will likely need to hire a skip from somewhere like this Swansea skip hire company as there is often a lot of rubbish to clear out.

Another thing that can make it easier to clear a hoarder’s home, is to donate many items to charity. Knowing that their items are going to a charity can help someone to part with them more readily.

Something else that often hits home with a hoarder is the dangers of hoarding. As well as the fact that they have to climb over mountains of stuff to move around the home, which puts them at an increased risk of falling and hurting themselves, there is also the risk of fire.

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Many hoarders keep flammable items stacked up high, which then means that if a fire did start it could take over very quickly, and many house fires in the UK are down to hoarding. In addition to this, things like boiler safety checks which help prevent disasters and dangers can be impossible to do in a hoarders home due to not being able to access the boiler.

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