Today’s hectic world, the average family leads a hectic life

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They juggle the schedules of every member of the family, from school obligations to piano lessons and late evenings at the office. It’s hard to find time to slow down and enjoy the moment. Unfortunately, many precious family moments are lost, neglected, or simply fail to take place because of these over-full schedules. However, the fact still remains that families need to spend time together often, it’s vital to the health and wellness of the family.

Letting Go of Needless Activities
Many families have made it a practice to fill their schedules to the brim. It’s a common practice. One of the first things a family can do to create more family time is to eliminate excessive activities. If Janie is taking piano and playing soccer, does she really need to sign up for dance? If the youngest is playing in a softball league and participating in afterschool activities should he be registered for that swimming course at the same time? The answer to most of these questions is a resounding “no.” Let go of all the extra activities and use the free time to spend valuable family time together.

Learning to Live in the Moment
We miss the beauty of so many precious moments because we are either focused on the past or the future. It’s rare that we can enjoy the moments right in front of us, in the here and now. Once we become aware of all the precious moments we are missing, we have an opportunity to do something about it. It takes practice to live in the moment, but it can be done. The next trip you take to the grocery store can be an opportunity to enjoy doing basic household tasks and errands with a family member. Practice focusing on the tasks and the fact that you get to do them with a family member. Even a trip to the apostille nyc is an opportunity to bond. Use these opportunities to make memories.

Practice Makes Mindful
The more you and your family practice the fine art of slowing down, spending more time together, and smelling the roses, the more you will enjoy and remember the times you spend together. There’s nothing as beautiful as a collection of family memories to keep your heart and mind occupied and full throughout the years. The practice of mindfulness has this effect on a family.

A family that spends time together is one that will grow in love and memories with each passing year. This is a wonderful gift to pass down to future generations in these hectic times. Families are so busy that they miss so many opportunities to bond and strengthen the family bond. Let the practice of mindfulness be the glue that keeps your family close.

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