Ghostly and Supernatural Goings on in Dartmoor

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If you enjoy walking in beautiful countryside and are also a fan of the mysterious and spooky side, then there is nowhere better to walk than Dartmoor national park. The wild and rugged landscape of Dartmoor has long been known for strange tales of the supernatural, and there are lots of places in the area that are known locally and even nationally for the stories that have been told about them.

Being a wild place, the weather on Dartmoor can be unpredictable, so be careful of the bogs, particularly after periods of wet weather and wear or take warm clothing like this womens irish sweater with you as well as waterproofs. Here are some of the strangest places to explore…

Okehampton Castle – This ancient landscape has many buildings dating back thousands of years. Okehampton castle dates back to 1086 but during the 14th Century became a luxurious place to live. Lady Howard is the former resident that the castle is most famed for, and this is because it is said that her ghost not only roams the castle but can be seen in the form of a black dog at night.

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Hairy Hands – On an innocuous seeming bridge on a stretch of the B3212 between Two Bridges and Postbridge is the site of one of the more terrifying hauntings. It is said that here, a place where there have been many accidents, a pair of hairy hands grabs the wheel, sending a vehicle off the road.

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Bowerman’s Nose – This granite stack surrounded by smaller rocks is said to have been a hunter and his hounds that interrupted a coven of witches during a ritual. The witches then turned him and the hounds to stone.

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