Avoiding Foot Problems in the Summer

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During the summer, people tend to enjoy holidays, outdoor activities, beach walks and other fun events. However, it’s also a time when many foot problems start to emerge. In most cases, these problems are triggered by the warm weather and a change in daily routines, as well as wearing open toed shoes.

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Sweaty Feet

Hotter temperatures and increased physical activity cause sweating to spike. Sweaty feet are more than just annoying, they can also lead to athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. To help prevent these issues, be sure to keep your feet cool and dry all summer long by regularly changing your socks and washing them with antifungal soap.

Sunburned Feet

A common summer hazard, sunburned feet can be painful and even dangerous. The best way to prevent this issue is to make sure that you slather your whole body with waterproof sunscreen, including the soles of your feet.

Unsupportive Shoes

Summer often means that we switch out our boots for sandals and flip-flops, which don’t provide much support. This can make foot muscles work extra hard, resulting in pain and soreness. To prevent this issue, opt for a pair of flip-flops or sandals that offer good arch support. If you need the help of a Podiatrist Worcester, go to https://www.propodiatry.co.uk/podiatry/worcester/

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Rough or Uneven Surfaces

Tempted to walk barefoot outside? This can, of course, lead to injuries if we step on something hard, sharp or uneven. Try to avoid going shoeless, but instead slip on a pair of sliders, flip flops or crocs, for example. This can help avoid the hassle of cuts, scrapes and even twisted ankles!

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