How to Design Your Conservatory to Add Value to Your Home

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A conservatory is a space you can turn into a dining room, playroom for kids, chillout zone or a greenhouse. Whatever your purpose for a conservatory, adding this extra space to the home can add value and give you a space you love spending time in.

The design of a conservatory is important, as you’ll want to create a cosy and relaxing space to enjoy. Ensure that your new conservatory is in keeping with the style of your home and not too over the top, as this could detract from the property’s value. If you’re unsure of how to match the conservatory with your home, speak to your local estate agents who will have experience of homes in your area with a similar style to yours.

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To add to the feel of a relaxed living space, choose a soft and simple decor scheme. This is a strong trend globally and can help make your conservatory feel like an extension of the garden. Think weathered timber furniture, lots of white and unusual pendant lighting to create a beautiful conservatory with plenty of charm.

When choosing the materials for your conservatory, look at options that are both sustainable and durable. For Conservatory Roof Conversions, visit Pro Ceiling.

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Using a hardwood like oak is an excellent option as it’s robust and has an aesthetic appeal that’s difficult to replicate with plastic. Aluminium is another material to consider, as it’s a versatile option that can be used for roof glazing and for window frames. It’s also a good choice for modern schemes as it allows for large spans of glass with minimal sightlines.

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