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How to Cover White Hair with 5 Natural Methods

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Is it possible to avoid the annoying imperfection of white hair without using the effective but harmful chemical dyes? There are many people, especially women who wonder how to cover white hair with natural methods, hiding a very feared feature with the advancing years, or the change in color of their hair. The first white hair can start to appear after 30 years and, to avoid spending years using chemicals that in the long run could damage your hair irreparably, you can use natural alternatives to counter the graying. Although first of all it is good to delay its appearance. 

So let’s see how to dye white hair with natural products but also how to prevent their formation …

How to remove the appearance of white hair

A diet rich in vitamin B and iron, present in many foods, is the best way to see white hair appear as late as possible. This is because substances such as iron and vitamin B contribute to the inability of lowering the level of melanin, one of the main responsible for the white hair.

Cover White HairAmong the main sources of vitamin B are brewer’s yeast, royal jelly, rice and whole wheat, but also legumes, hazelnuts, bananas, almonds and walnuts. And then egg yolk, tuna, pork, fresh green vegetables, ground flax seeds and potatoes. Among the foods particularly rich in iron there are bitter dark chocolate, goose liver, oysters, caviar and clams, lentils, chicken, boiled potatoes, cuttlefish, beans, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds and hazelnut and cocoa cream. A proper nutrition is often in fact the solution to a wide range of problems.

Remedies to dye white hair naturally

To hide white hair in a completely natural way, while preserving its beauty, you can follow some simple remedies.

  • Use henna to dye white hair. It is a powder of vegetable origin, available in all herbalists, to be mixed with hot water and applied to the hair for a period of time between 30 minutes and 2 hours. They exist in different colors so you can choose the one closest to your hair tone or the result you want to get
  • The indigo is another plant powder that can be used in combination with henna and will completely cover gray hair; It is particularly suitable for those with very dark hair as this powder usually dyed black or with shades of mahogany.
  • The natural infusions, like the one with sage, rosemary and tea mixed in equal parts are an excellent remedy to darken white hair. The infused aromatic herbs, mixing them in a carafe of boiling water and then letting the filtered contents cool down, are able to cover the silver wires. The darkening infusion can in fact be applied for a few weeks, after the shampoo and the results will not be long in coming. Another herbal tea can be based on black tea rich in pigments and antioxidants, which applied in the form of an infusion on the hair and left to act before shampooing, for about an hour or so once a week, can mask the first hair whites. The preparation is very simple: a liter of boiling water with some black tea leaves left to infuse for one night, before filtering everything.
  • Mix three tablespoons of cocoa powder with three tablespoons of honey. The mixture should be applied to the hair and left to rest for about half an hour before rinsing.
  • The walnut husk, easily purchased in herbal medicine, is another great product to cover white hair with natural methods. It is another coloring powder of vegetable origin, to be mixed with hot water. The creamy mixture that can be obtained can be spread on the hair, and will be very effective in coloring the white ones, darkening them.

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