The hot garage trends to look out for

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Gone are the days when garages were exclusively used to store or repair cars in. They have become multifunctional spaces that deserve as much time to be designed well as any other part of your house. A few trends have popped up.

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Make it high-tech

For your own convenience, you can implement tech-driven upgrades into your garage. This is particularly suitable when it comes to security. We are seeing wirelessly controlled features that can be accessed from your smartphone. Gone is the old tennis ball hanging from the roof to stop you from banging your car, the future trend is laser parking guides in your garage.

Energy efficiency

Garage door installation in St Albans that have been done correctly will give you a well-sealed unit. Homeowners are now tending to insulate the garage even further when the garage is in any way attached to the house.


Companies like will tell you that they install garage doors on areas that are no longer exclusively used for cars. These spaces are converted into studios that are flexible and functional regardless of the season.

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Contemporary materials

Garage doors are very visual and are therefore being embraced as one of a home’s key features in order to increase its kerb aesthetic. Frosted glass is being incorporated with traditional choices like wood and steel.

Online ease

With 67% of Millennials and 56% of Gen Xers preferring online shopping over in-store shopping according to, the trend is to make your choices from behind a screen. Fortunately, you can customise the look of your garage with relative ease considering that there’s a wide choice available online.

Going bigger

Due to the multifunctionality of garages these days, garage doors are not installed according to the size of a car anymore. They are becoming a canvas for expression and tend to be bigger to better suit the proportion of its use.

Make the right statement

Never forget that the garage is still very much part of the main house. Therefore, its design needs to be married to that of your home. Choose accent colours to make a statement rather than straying too far from the house’s actual colour.

Now more than ever, the garage can be designed to be so much more than a room for your car.

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