Reasons to Recycle

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The benefits of recycling have long been publicized and yet, many people still admit to doing no recycling whatsoever. Despite living in a disposable society, sometimes we must make the effort for the sake of the environment. Here are some important reasons why you should start or continue to recycle your waste:

1.Throwing everything into the dustbin means that so much is either going into landfill or must be incinerated. Either way, this is terrible for the environment. The more items that can be re-used means less damage and harm to the planet. There are some many materials that you can recycle, including glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and metal.

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  1. Recycling is a win-win for people and the environment. It helps to fight global warming and conserves energy for people and businesses. It is far cheaper to recover raw materials from waste than it is to extract them from the earth and repeating manufacturing processes.
  2. We cannot continue to dispose of waste in landfill or we will run out of places to bury materials like synthetic waste. Plastics and micro-plastics are also finding their way into the food and water supply, damaging the health of wildlife and humans.
  3. It doesn’t have to be hard to get into recycling as about ¾ of all household waste is recyclable. Even when you hire a skip to get rid of your household rubbish, the majority of the skip’s contents will in fact be recycled and not sent to landfill. Consider Swansea Skip Hire when you next need a skip.
  4. The more people who recycle and talk about it, the stronger the message will be that goes out to politicians and world leaders that more work is needed on both national and international levels. It’s not only a practical issue, but a political one too.

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  1. It doesn’t cost anything to recycle. All it will take is a little of your time whilst you sort your waste into different sections.
  2. Rubbish pollutes everything from soil to the sea. It damages wildlife, harms local eco-systems and ultimately people. Recycling is the only responsible way to deal with your waste.
  3. Some of the resources that are used to produce products and packaging are finite and so we must find an alternative. To make plastic, oil is needed, and this is running out. We need to learn how to use renewable fuels and materials.
  4. Spend some time thinking about what you buy and where you can cut down with items that are recyclable or not. Choose products with less or biodegradable packaging and stay committed to recycling whatever you can.

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