What are the benefits of copper pipes

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Copper pipes are extremely popular in construction, electrical products and in plumbing where 15mm Copper Pipe like those from watkinspowis.co.uk/products/copper-pipe-fittings-and-press-systems/ will be used. There are many reasons that copper has been a popular metal and its uses date back for centuries and here are some of the key benefits of copper pipes for you to have a look through.

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Durability – copper pipes have a long lifespan and so are incredibly durable. It is thought that depending on the surrounding environment, a copper pipe can last up to 70 years. This means that it is also a cost-effective metal to use in the pipework.

Lightweight – although they are incredibly durable. Copper pipes are also lightweight. This means that they are easy to install and plumbers and engineers can easily cut and shape the pipes depending on their needs. This again provides a cost-saving to the customer as time is not needed to shape and cut the pipes before any repair works are undertaken.

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Clean – there are some metals that have been known to contaminate the water that they carry and this is not the case with copper. This means that they can be used safely to channel drinking water into our homes and places of work without the worry of any health issues occurring.

Fire – copper is resistant to fire as it has a high thermal rating. This means that it provides extra safety benefits to its users.

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