Alternative hen party ideas

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Do you want something different from a meal out and too many cocktails for your hen do? Do you have an adventurous spirit? Have you been looking for something different and exciting and have run out of inspiration? Here are some ideas to suit all types of hens.

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Yoga party

If you and your hens prefer health food to tequila and stretching to dancing, this might be the party for you. Book a yoga retreat for your friends and enjoy a moment of calm in the build-up to your wedding.

Cooking therapy

If you enjoy tasty food and wish to brush up on your skills, a cookery school would be ideal. There are plenty of cooking schools in the UK who will cater your hen party. Choose a cuisine that you have always wanted to learn to cook.

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Boot camp party

This is a great party idea for exercise enthusiasts. Work off your pre-wedding nerves by booking a boot camp. There are British military boot camp providers who would love to put you through your paces. You can choose the level of difficulty you prefer and how muddy you would like to get. Finish off the day with a spa to relax your aching muscles.

Leisure park party

Why not relive your childhood by going to a leisure park for the day? You and your hens could take turns on the bucking bronco or cause accidents on the bumper cars. This is an enjoyable day out for young and old alike. If you don’t fancy going to a park, research rodeo bull manufacturers such as to hire equipment and make your own leisure park at home. You will be able to truly relax with your hens.

A zest for zorbing

If you fancy something you haven’t tried before, why not take the hens zorbing? This is the best fun you can have in a giant ball. Try it in water or be pushed downhill in one if you don’t mind getting dizzy. Enjoy a nice meal out after all your rolling.

Beach party

If your budget will stretch, you could hire a property near the beach and enjoy the outdoors together. Set up the barbeque and make sure you bring plenty of supplies. Go for a relaxing swim and enjoy the view.

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