Hi-tech equipment to help you beat Mother Nature

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While some people choose to spend their free time shopping, playing sports or catching a film, there are others who crave nature, isolation and danger.

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What is wild camping?

This term describes camping in an area without the facilities a regulated site offers – no showers, toilets, running water, power or other people.

Although it is illegal to camp on land without prior permission in much of the UK, those who follow the rules concerning littering and fire safety are mostly tolerated.

Risks and dangers

Setting up camp without anyone knowing where you are is risky. Although dangerous wild animals are not really problem in the UK, there is still plenty that can trigger an emergency.

Campers may get ill suddenly and need emergency treatment. Sometimes they get lost and they are always at the mercy of nature, which can mean danger in the forms of flooding, thunderstorms, landslides and extreme heat.

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Sensible precautions

As documenting your camping plans down to location and route may be either impossible or unappealing, you must be prepared for emergencies. This means packing the right clothes, food and water supplies to aid survival, and making use of the relevant hi-tech accessories.

Hi-tech shopping list

– A satellite phone – better than a mobile, as it does not need the cell tower to connect.
– A personal locator beacon – for campers who favour hard-to-find areas. Rescuers can track your position through the signal it emits.
– Offline GPS – great for anyone who is lost and disorientated but can move independently.
– Solar charger – useful for keeping the satellite phone charged.
– Rescue laser – one of those annoying red laser pens that people use to amuse cats, but stronger and better so that you can signal your location to an approaching search party.
– Water purifying tablets or bottles – essential to avoid drinking contaminated liquids.
– Desalination kit – if you are camping close to sea water.

Don’t forget to buy a good-quality bag, such as the Vanquest 3.0 from a stockist such as http://www.angloforro.co.uk/product/vanquest-envoy-3-0-messenger-bag/, to keep your equipment safe.

Wild camping is about challenging yourself to leave behind the conveniences and luxuries of modern life rather than looking for danger and disaster; however, taking some basic equipment to help in an emergency is both sensible and responsible.

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