Sexy legs
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How to have sexy and beautiful legs!

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How to make the most of your legs, by taking care of the skin but also by practicing a few tricks to make them look ‘miraculously’ longer and leaner.

1. Shave & hydrate

The first advice can only be that of ‘shave & hydrate’. The best way to remove the hairs too is always professional waxing, made the beautician. Even depilatory cream can give good results. Instead, we recommend to use the razor only for true emergencies. For the rest it is important to treat the skin of the legs (as the rest of the body) with a hydrated cream.

2. Legs satin

The ‘black’ legs from the sun are no longer a must (in fact, are out of fashion).A golden skin is beautiful and seductive, although nowadays also the legs ‘white’ (if boiled and treated) are increasingly popular and fashion (give a very ethereal look or if you like, very rock).

A fake tan is an option but to impress choose a product with a satin or glossy effect (very sexy!)

Sexy legs
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3. Longer Legs

you are not satisfied with the length of your legs? Give the impression of having long legs wearing a skirt or a dress with a high waist (you can further accentuate the point with a belt). If you wear nylon stockings, then choose it in the same color of the shoes. If instead you opt for bare legs, wear skin-colored shoes that leave uncovered the back of the foot so that the line between the leg and the ankle is not interrupted. Visually you will earn at least a few centimeters!

4. High heels are a must

Study the pictures of the catwalks for the summer and you will notice that (even) this summer are fashionable high heels. Not only classic suits and pencil skirts require a heel respectable, even short skirts and mini dresses are paired with high platform shoes and high heels.

5. You are not comfortable with the mini

You can have the most beautiful legs in the world, if you do not know what to do, the effect wears sexy like snow in the sun. If you do not feel at ease in a mini-skirt or a microhabitat, then opt for small shorts. The nowadays shorts are also suitable for the city. Think of large models with pince, or shorts with high waist. If however you want to wear short, but cannot get over that feeling of being ‘naked’, then the tiny shorts worn under the dress or skirt. That the summer winds as well raise your skirt!

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6. Leaner legs with flared skirts and dresses

The fashion for this summer comes to us. They are so many dresses and tunics flared. It is these lines that make you look more slender legs.

7. In the beach with wedges

Even (or rather especially) at the beach you want to show off a pair of irresistible legs. What do you think of sandals with wedges? Lengthen the legs and are easier to handle in the sand of the classic stiletto heels. Do not forget the nail polish though!

8. Do not have time for a pedicure?

Bare legs and summer shoes. A fixed combination. But what to do if you have not had time for a pedicure? Our advice is to always keep on hand a pair of summer shoes but closed. Perhaps in a lighter shade (beige, lilac, light blue), to be inserted immediately if the glaze begins to have a look neglected or if the heels are starting to be a bit ‘too rough for your tastes.

9. Beware of laces and straps

If you decide to wear gladiator sandals (still in fashion this summer) or if you opt for the so-called Mary Jane strap around the ankle, keep in mind that with the warm our feet tend to swell, with the result that the laces ‘cut’ the skin. Not really a nice view.

10. Securing yourselves

We are not all same, and not all have the long legs, but that does not mean that we are not sexy! With proper care and a generous amount of security, you will be irresistible in your skirt, shorts or bikinis.

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