The noble art of the Bookkeeper

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In business it is  essential to have a good team around you to be able to maintain your costs and your profits.  Large scale businesses will employ a hoard of people to ensure that the flow of cash and its output is highly regulated and it accounted for.  Smaller businesses are no exception to this and need to have something in place to make sure that finances are appropriately  allocated in the correct manner.  Also a business must have something in place to document their financial dealings.

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Whilst it is customary for the public to think that this is the role of an accountant this is not actually the case.  It falls to the task of the bookkeeper to make sure that the finances can easily be recalled and reviewed if   they should be suddenly called upon.  This could be for the purposes of a review by the HMRC or by the leading financial officers in the company.  It’s also vitally important when a business owner is looking to apply for funds from a separate source to provide proof of liquidity.

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This is where a Bookkeepers Southend on sea based operation like, can be of the most help to you. All businesses need to have a robust and fundamentally professional team of bookkeepers looking after their finances.  hefty fines from government organisations can be brought against a firm if they do not have correct procedures in place to be able to illustrate their financial dealings upon request.

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