What web designer should I hire?

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Ask for references and look at the websites the Web designer Exeter company has created. Remember that these are sites your designer wants to show you, so make sure to do your own research. Talking to previous clients of a designer can be very helpful.

You can even buy a few products from other ecommerce sites that the designer worked on. You can then get a first-hand feel for what it’s like to be their customer.

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Your web design brief is important

If you give your web designer vague directions, you may end up paying for something that doesn’t work. You should start with a well-written web design brief.

First, discuss your needs with a web developer. You can then create a design specification. Most will tell you what the pros and cons are of different options. For advice about Web designer Exeter, contact Nettl.

The web design brief

When writing a brief you should consider some factors. Begin with technology. Your site must be able to display on multiple devices and web browsers. Your site must be fully optimised to work on mobile devices, and should function as well as if the client was accessing it through a computer. Most people will likely visit your site on a smartphone or tablet.

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Include in your brief some marketing materials that show your colours, logos, and house style. Include examples of sites you like, and ones you dislike. Also include the reasons for your choices.

Your website must make an impression in the first few seconds a visitor visits it, building your brand and trust. This is a big task, and you can only achieve it by designing your website well.

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