Three DIY Jobs that Could be an Electrical Hazard

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We rely on electricity in the home to make sure that we can get on with our daily lives. Electricity helps to keep us comfortable, do household chores and of course powers many forms of entertainment.

However, it must be respected and many electrical accidents in the home happen when undertaking a DIY job. If you are unsure about something electrical, the best thing to do is call out a professional like this electrician Cheltenham based company

These are some of the DIY jobs that people undertake that can cause electrical problems and accidents…

Drilling into the Wall – There are many DIY jobs that involve drilling the wall, from hanging a picture to putting up a shelf. However, you must make sure that you have checked thoroughly for the presence of electrical wires to prevent electric shock and damage.

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Re-wiring a Plug – When doing this, make sure that you have bought replacement parts from a reputable and safety tested supplier – don’t be fooled by cheaper prices online as these may not be safe. You should always check the manufacturing instructions too.

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Changing a Lightbulb – This is a job that we all need to do from time to time. However, it still is something that you need to be sensible and careful of whilst doing it. You should always ensure that the bulb is the correct type and wattage for the light and switch off the light before you replace the bulb.

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