The dangers to be aware of when running an event

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When running an event there are plenty of risks to consider, however, sometimes it can be easier to write them out so that you make sure you have not missed anything. This is not just to cover your back, but to protect the reputation of the brand or event that you are representing, so that it continues to succeed in the following years.

The first concern to look out for is security hazards. Although this will vary depending on the size or nature of the event, there are always going to be potential security issues. Therefore, making sure you hire the right people or teams is key to making your event goers feel comfortable and safe.

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Alongside this are physical safety concerns, as events are renowned for risks such as overcrowding, slips or electrical issues. Risk assessments must be considered appropriately, and it is a good idea to look at any similar mistakes other events may have made to prevent them from happening to you.

With safety concerns, you need to make sure that you are well-equipped for medical emergencies. It is important to have services such as ambulances on hand, especially if it is a sports event or is just a larger crowded venue. Companies such as provide Event Medical Cover which can be a great way to cover any incidents that may occur.

When planning an event, you should be wary of the financial risks. If you are running an event for the first time, it can be easy to sway from the budget and make some experimental decisions. However, there must be room for error, whether that’s sponsorships dropping out, potentially lowering ticket prices or just general funding issues. Financial risks can be the make or break of the success of an event and its profit.

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With the rise of social media, the reputation of events can be damaged within minutes. The lack of risk assessments or poorly managed events can be quickly reported as failed or corrupt and will spread and create a bad name for your company. With this comes legal issues, meaning another aspect to be aware of is permits and licences.

Overall, it should be clear that the dangers discussed can be detrimental to your event. To mitigate these issues from occurring you can allocate different checks and assessments to different members of your team so that you know everything is organised thoroughly. Taking on board these checks should lead to a successful and safe event!

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